Schrader Introduces NEW pre-programmed sensor line EZ-sensor® GO

Are you servicing a large number of German vehicles? NEW EZ-sensor® GO comes pre-programmed for the majority of Audi, BMW, Mini, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Smart, and Volkswagen vehicles. Also, the sensor can be programmed for any other MAKE, MODEL, YEAR covered by EZ-sensor®.

EZ-sensor GOAt Autopromotec 2019, we have announced the launch of a new line in the EZ-sensor® product family, under the brand name: EZ-sensor® GO. The new GO sensor comes pre-programmed for the premium German brands like Audi, BMW, Mini, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Smart, Volkswagen manufactured from 2016 and onwards, and can be programmed to any other vehicle covered by EZ-sensor®. EZ-sensor® GO is available in a clamp-in variable angle version with aluminium silver (PN 2200-GO1), aluminium black (PN 2200B-GO1) and aluminium grey-titanium (PN 2200T-GO1) valves.

"We believe that the new GO line will be a great success among workshops that work mostly with German vehicles. Customers can benefit from a slim inventory by using a programmable feature of the sensor, but also have an added benefit of servicing TPMS even faster as no programming is required for most of the German applications.” – says Dan Baker, Head of Sales at Schrader.

For more information about the EZ-sensor® GO contact our sales team

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