Schrader TPMS App is Now Available in Offline Mode

We are pleased to announce that Schrader TPMS App functionality has been extended, now offering an offline function. The new feature allows users to switch to offline mode and use the application without an internet connection. The offline mode can be activated from the main page by pressing on the green button or from the preferences section in the navigation panel.

Schrader TPMS APP

While being in an offline mode you can program and diagnose sensors using already paired EZ-sensor® PAD. In addition to this, you can still modify user preferences such as language, country, and pressure units. Please note that you need to switch to an online mode to pair a new EZ-sensor® PAD or search for product related information.


You can download the mobile versions of Schrader TPMS App from the apple store (IOS) and play store (Android). The Desktop version can be downloaded from our website: