TPMS Tips for Winter Tyre Change

Schrader Service Kit BoxThe cold season has begun and customers are regularly asking tyre dealers and garages to install their winter tyres. In this context, service providers should consider that a working Tyre Pressure Monitoring System is mandatory in the EU for all class M1 vehicles produced after November 1, 2014. And this applies to summer and winter tyres too. Unfortunately, even after 4 years, many dealers and garages fail to take care of TPMS while changing seasonal tyres. We would like to remind you that even if a customer whose vehicle is subject to mandatory TPMS regulation wants to forego the sensors or omit their replacement, maintenance or repair, they should be informed about the legislation. It is important for drivers to know that during official vehicle inspections, a non-working TPMS is assessed as a defect, in addition, the system is important for maintaining the type approval. 

When Changing your seasonal tyres there are a few things you need to keep in mind in relation to TPMS:

  • When installing a brand-new set of wheels, you can transfer your existing TPMS sensors to the new set. However, to avoid premature failure of your TPMS make sure to replace the service kit of the existing TPMS sensor with a new one during each tyre replacement.
  • As per warranty guidelines, the use of a new service kit at every tyre change is mandatory. Please make sure to use a genuine TPMS service kit from an OE manufacturer like Schrader. 
  • Check the battery status of your TPMS sensors with a proper diagnostic tool. Pay attention to any errors and do a visual inspection of the sensors.
  • While storing the tyres for next year, always make sure to clean them. This will help you to avoid harmful environmental effects on the TPMS sensors. Such as corrosion, deterioration of the material, etc.

As TPMS service kits are being most frequently used in the garage, especially during the seasonal tyre change. We have introduced a very useful NEW service kit box in the aftermarket (Part Number:5069-KIT­). It includes a wide range of service kits and therefore can service most of the Schrader TPMS sensors on the market.