Schrader TPMS Hand Tools

Accurate TPMS servicing requires special tools and replacement parts for proper fit and function. This ensures safety for both technicians and drivers. Schrader has a large assortment of the sensor parts and tools required for TPMS service.

Mechanical Tool Kit for TPMS Service

Included in the box:

1 x Torque Screwdriver 4 to 8.8 Nm
1 x Torque Adjustment Tool
1 x Socket 1/4, 11 mm
1 x Socket 1/4, 12 mm
1 x Adapter for Sockets 11 and 12 mm
1 x TORX 20
1 x TORX 10 Screwdriver Pre-set to 1.4 Nm
1 x Valve Core Screwdriver Pre-set to 0.4 Nm
1 x Grommet Removing Tool

Snap-In Mounting Tool for TPMS Service. 

Dynamometric screwdriver for TPMS sensors assembly.

Today’s Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors require specialty tools and replacement parts to ensure proper fit and function. Schrader has the TPMS parts and tools required for proper tire service, repairing damage or the effects of extended use. Get it done right the first time with the tools and parts you need from Schrader, the industry leader in TPMS.

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Schrader is Your TPMS Partner

In addition to Schrader’s Hand Tool offering, we also provide you with the Schrader OE quality service packs you need to properly service TPMS. Schrader offers both OE replacement sensors that replicate the original sensor in the vehicle and Schrader revolutionary, programmable, single SKU EZ-sensor® 2.0 that allows you to service a majority of vehicles while stocking only one SKU!