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Schrader gives a big importance to the service and to customer's satisfaction. To help our customers and partners, Schrader has developed an online platform where the customers can find more detailed and technical information about our products and services.

The website TPMSEuroshop is a web-based platform aimed to collect the widest and most complete set of information relevant for the network of service professionals and retailers in the European Aftermarket who are interested in Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems. TPMSEuroshop contains information regarding the different TPMS components installed on European vehicles and technical information relevant for such products. You can also download product catalogues and brochures containing information about this technology, for example TPMSEuroguide. It is also the E-Commerce arm of Schrader International GmbH, designed to be an effective communication tool with the Schrader Aftermarket support staff, place orders, verify stock levels and track delivery status.

For direct technical assistance regarding programming, installing, dismounting, relearning or other service related questions, please contact Schrader Hotline at 00800-5555-8767 (toll free) or under


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