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My First 6 Months at Schrader

Mackenzie AuthorAs a young adult, I was given the choice to remain near the town I grew up in or to go somewhere else. After living in the same town my whole life I was eager to explore and grow on my own terms, and away from my family’s close presence.  So I chose the path that took me away from my home town of Novi, Michigan and moved south to Oxford, Ohio.


The Tire Cologne – My First Big Automotive Aftermarket Exhibition

Karoline AuthorWhen our Schrader team decided to exhibit at The Tire Cologne, one of the biggest tyre trade fairs in Europe that opened its doors for the first time to the public this year, I did not know what to expect both from an organizati


The Schrader Fit Club

Jacki AuthorA few months ago, at our Semi-Annual Global Strategy Meeting in New Orleans, we kicked off the NEW Schrader Fit Club. It started out as a passing comment, but turned into a new tradition that I personally hope continues for many years to come.


The World's Biggest Thank You

Peter AuthorFor a guy who isn’t a motorhead, or at least isn’t into cars that much, it’s funny that I’ve been associated with the Automotive Aftermarket in one way or another for 35 years or so.  From shoveling screws into a furnace, to manufacturing hose clamps, to scheduling the production of windshield wipers, managing a distribution center, procuring materials for fuel cell vehicles and fina


Welcome to the Schrader Blog!

Schrader has delivered revolutionary solutions that protect and perform for the past 174 years and we would like to give a closer look behind this global leading brand!  Inventing the pneumatic tire valve, innovating pressure gauges and pioneering Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) are just a small piece of Schrader’s portfolio, it is the people behind Schrader that have built this brand.  Who is behind almost 175 years innovation?


It's All About the Shoes

Rob Tinson AuthorDid you ever look up to someone as a child and not realize the impact they would have on your life many years later?  Do you credit certain people for teaching you valuable life lessons but never got the chance to thank them personally?  If you are fortunate to be able to reach out to them today, do so.  Thank them.  Thank them for being a mentor.