Schrader OE Replacement TPMS Sensors

Channel: Automotive Aftermarket

End Market: Automotive

Applications: TPMS sensor inside tire

Components: TPMS sensor body, aluminum valve stem, plastic cap, electroless nickel-plated valve core

  • All components are Schrader OE quality: sensor design, valve body, receiver and the complex RF protocols that make the TPMS system work properly
  • Direct-fit sensors are a "like for like" TPMS sensor and fit specific application based on a vehicle's make, model and year
  • Contain all properties of its OE counterpart
  • Schrader is the global leader in TPMS innovation, design, quality, and technology
  • More than 160 million Schrader sensors are in operation worldwide
  • OEMs choose Schrader's direct TPMS technology because we produce high-performance solutions worthy of quality-focused OEM brands–at the volumes they require
  • TIA-certified engineers and support personnel ready to assist
  • Patented Schrader technology embedded in all OEM and Aftermarket-replacement sensors
  • Defect-free sensors manufactured in highly-automated, secure Schrader manufacturing environments     

Service Kit components are intended for a one-time use. Schrader recommends that sealing components be replaced every time the tire is removed from the wheel, using a genuine OEM validated Schrader TPMS Service Kit.

There are two main types, rubber snap-in and aluminum clamp-in.

With more than 100 million vehicles equipped with Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) on U.S. roads, and nearly 15 million more entering the U.S. market each year, the demand for the right TPMS partner is at an all-time high. Sensors with expiring batteries or with mechanical or electronic problems all require replacement to ensure driver safety. Schrader offers direct-fit replacement TPMS sensors that are 1-for-1 replacements for the sensors installed on the vehicle at the assembly line. Schrader has integrated over 200 million direct-fit sensors on global vehicle platforms since launching TPMS on the first production vehicles in 1997 (Chevrolet® C5 Corvette and Plymouth Prowler platforms). In addition to direct-fit OE TPMS replacement sensors, Schrader also offers the programmable EZ-sensor® as a replacement option.

Schrader is Your TPMS Partner

Not only does Schrader offer the highest OE quality replacement sensors on the market, but we also offer our revolutionary, OE quality, single SKU EZ-sensor® that allows you to service a majority of vehicles while stocking only one SKU. If a vehicle does not have TPMS but the customer wants it, we offer high-quality retrofit kits that can be installed on the vehicle to give that customer the peace of mind TPMS provides. Schrader also supports your TPMS program by offering a large variety OE quality service packs and hand tools that you need to properly service TPMS.