Schrader TPMS Retrofit Kits


Channel: Automotive Aftermarket

End Market: Automotive

Applications: TPMS sensor inside tire

Components: Dash-mounted receiver, 4 wheel mounted transmitters, display

  • Dash-mounted receiver/ display capable of monitoring full-size spare tire (fifth sensor sold separately)
  • Four wheel-mounted transmitters
  • TPMS Kit for passenger cars and light trucks with .453" rim hole
  • Wired or battery-operated display
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Improved vehicle handling
  • Lowered risk of hydroplaning
  • Decreased tire wear
  • Reduced braking distance

Schrader's TPMS Retrofit Kits detect and warn of tire under-inflation of 25% or more while they monitor and display pressure and temperature of all four tires and the spare (spare sensor sold separately).

Retrofit kits are ideal for off-road applications where tire pressure requirements are different than placard pressure.

Designed for use on passenger vehicles and light trucks built prior to 2008 without factory installed TP.

Product Materials

Retrofit Kit Sell Sheet

Schrader is Your TPMS Partner

Schrader offers a full TPMS product line to support a successful TPMS program. In addition retrofit kits, Schrader provides OE replacement sensors as well as Schrader’s revolutionary programmable EZ-sensor®. Schrader also offers the products you need to service these sensors, such as OE quality service packs, hand tools and support for TPMS scan and programming tools.