Schrader TPMS Service Kits

Channel: Automotive Aftermarket

End Market: Automotive

Applications: TPMS sensor inside tire

Components: Aluminum Clamp-in Service Kit - TPMS sensor body, aluminum valve stem, plastic cap, electroless nickel-plated valve core

Rubber Snap-in Service Kit - sensor body, rubber snap-in valve stem, plastic cap, brass or nickel-plated valve core

  • Schrader TPMS service kits include everything you need to properly service TPMS-equipped wheel and tire assemblies
  • Electroless nickel-plated valve cores
  • Each service kit is tailored to a specific vehicle make, model, and year
  • Schrader OEM-quality components
  • Ensures OEM fit, form, and function
  • Schrader also supplies service kits for competitor’s sensors
  • Replacement components in Schrader TPMS service kits are sensor specific
  • TPMS nuts are made from anodized aluminum, eliminating the contact of two dissimilar metals that would lead to galvanic corrosion and material deterioration
  • The grommet is the principal sealing gasket between the stem and the wheel rim hole

Selecting high-quality sensors, service kits, and accessories for today’s vehicles ensures that quality standards are met and customers can drive safely with their TPMS system fully operational. Schrader TPMS service kits provide the essential components that must be replaced each and every time a TPMS-equipped vehicle requires a tire to be removed for service.

Schrader is Your TPMS Partner

Service packs are just one of the many OE quality products Schrader offers to support a successful TPMS program. Schrader also offers a full range of TPMS sensors, from OE Replacement sensors that replicate the original TPMS sensor in the vehicle to Schrader’s revolutionary single SKU EZ-sensor®. In addition to the necessary training and educational support, Schrader can also provide the high quality hand tools you need in order to properly service those sensors as well as support for your TPMS programming and scan tools.