Point-Of-Sale Materials That Help Turn the Conversation Around

TPMSTaking the time to talk to your customers about TPMS is one key way to make sure they fully understand the service you're providing–and how TPMS alerts them to low tire pressure so they can stay safe on the roads and:

  • Save money at the pump through improved fuel economy
  • Decrease tire wear
  • Improve vehicle handling
  • Reduce braking distances
  • Lower the risk of hydroplaning

Having the right materials on hand will help in conducting educational conversations about TPMS with your customers. Schrader offers Point of Sale materials to assist you with the conversation. Each item listed here is also available for order, free, directly from Schrader.

Show Your Customers: Seeing Is Believing
Bridgestone® filmed the distinct difference in sudden avoidance maneuvers when driving on both properly inflated and underinflated tires.