Our Promise

Brand Vision

For automotive leaders whose reputations ride on reliability, Schrader is the valve and sensing technology pioneer that delivers innovative solutions they can trust because only Schrader provides the vision, engineering strength and collaboration they need.

Brand Values

Hard Work: It’s not luck that put Schrader on top. And it’s not chance that keeps us there. We foster a can-do spirit, encouraging our designers, engineers and sales force to believe in their ideas and do what it takes to make them a reality.

Relationships: We understand that the more we know about our customers, industry, products and technology, the better they all will be. Schrader encourages partnership and collaboration with our OEM and aftermarket customers and within our own company to further define and discover new opportunities.

Innovation: Schrader was founded on innovation and we continue to encourage invention and continuous improvement. We look to expand with new industry opportunities while remaining committed to delivering systems that make a difference to our core markets.

Leadership: Market leadership goes beyond being #1. Schrader leads by design, reputation and performance.

Pride In Product: We like our products. Not just because they help our customers (and their customers), or because they solve a problem that nothing else can, but above all, it’s because they continually perform the way they should—quality means defect-free to us.

Unrelenting Service: The original Schrader valve allowed users to go the extra mile. Today, our company continues to carry the world and we believe a personal approach combined with an unfailing dedication to quality will keep us all moving forward.